Woo the People is to bring people together, united for the common good.

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Between all the NAPS AND MEDS that Joey Gets in his hideaway in Delaware someone told Joey that we had Shot down the Chinese Balloon .
Biden said that “he will order the military to shoot it down sometime tomorrow Sunday if possible”
Sleepy Joe Biden and his Crack-Head Moronic Son are both an absolute disgrace to the Human Race.
Woo the People
Woo the People is of the people, by the people, for the people
In the most recent times, when I’ve gone shopping for the most essential items of food a person or a family needs, I’ve been price shocked !
Forget the exorbitant high gas prices, rents
& other necessities!
Food has almost doubled in price since Biden is in office.
The phony inflation rate they published is totally bogus !
Everything with the democrats & the government they control is a sham
& fake including the Consumer Price Index, known as CPI numbers they represent !

There seems to be no truth or reality, because everything has been politicized !