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Respect of Others
Respect of Others

Slavery is a terrible long chapter in human history and has existed throughout history since Egypt, Greece, Rome, Babylon, Assyria, Arabia, Africa and Europe and America. Unfortunately it is still being practiced today.
This is not an American phenomena and in fact America spent blood and and lives to end it during its civil war.
This is a fact !!
I was just on the Rabbi show he’s encouraging me to ask all my friends to listen on CRN talk radio station one and call in with your comments and questions the numbers 818-818-6401 You can call Monday through Thursday 8:52 PM eastern time 5 to 6 PM Pacific standard time say whatever you want about President Trump about Biden! If you care about this country then please call in! Since we are being shut down on social media platforms we will get the word out this way regarding our support for Trump and the heinous crimes by the progressive... (More)
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