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America's Dependence on China For Medicine -

Defcon 1 : Top priority, when almost 95% of our antibiotics and a huge percentage of other medication come from China. This is so dangerous and all the past politicians and The department of Health and Human Services ,HHS, leaders of the past should be tried for treason. All Officials in charge who allowed this to happen should seriously be tried and found guilty. This President seems to be the only one who cares and understands the danger. They have sold America and The American People in so many ways with total lack of care and lack of responsibility and accountability.
Alex Azar, The present Secretary of HHS should immediately see to it that all crucial and life saving medications are strictly made in The United States. In fact it is best to have ALL MEDICINE made in The United States. All other cabinet members of President Trump better get to work to make sure that ALL essentials including weaponry and parts and all materials and products necessary for the safety of The American People and their health are only made in The U.S. We cannot and should not rely on any OTHER country to manufacture what is essential for our health and for our safety. Thank God we have become energy independent but this should also be the case for all food and agricultural needs the country may have.
We need to be independent of all others for almost everything including but not limited to food, energy, agriculture, military, medications, technology and all that is necessary to build and keep our infrastructure intact and safe.