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Anderson Cooper, you really know how to make a fool of yourself ! your inaccurate & dishonest narrative about the Trump town hall episode on CNN, is a complete lie. Yes, people who watched the meeting have every right to be outraged & angry at your fake, self righteous, but dishonest analysis of the town hall meeting.
It is arrogant fools like yourself who think that they know better how people should think or act that is the problem.
For years you & CNN & your other propaganda & misinformation colleagues & networks have destroyed the fabric of this nation with lies & fake news. The outrage is aimed at you !
Why don't you tell the American people one good thing that Biden or the democrats have done for this country since he got elected.
Is it the inflation, or the high gas & food prices that you support ?
Is it the massive border invasion, or the terrible, failed foreign policy that you endorse ?
Perhaps you are proud of the incompetent method of departure from Afghanistan or the encouragement of the " little incursion " into Ukraine by Putin of Russia.
You spew lie after lie after lie every night of your career.
You are a tool in the hands of democrats & do their bidding all the time. Yes, Trump calls some nasty women "nasty", but you call half the country derogatory names & smear & dehumanize them ! Trump is neither racist or antisemitic as you falsely try to portray him.
It is disturbing to watch you spin the truth time & time again !
Where were you, hypocrite, con man when all summer 2020 democrat leaning groups were burning & looting & rioting & destroying the police & law enforcement groups ?
Are you now concerned about assaults on police officers ?
You're the one who constantly lies shamelessly & disparaged the audience & at least half the population for their reaction. Kaitlan Collins was not a journalist but a shameless "prosecutor" & partisan hack with an agenda to demean & vilify Donald Trump.
She failed & then you were instructed by your masters to spin the event even more & tell us what we " heard" & what we should think !
By the way, pretty face reporter , that man has a name ! Donald J. Trump !