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Are You as Sick, and Tired, and plain outright Outraged about the Liberal, Marxist, Democratic Nazi, Communists, as I am? Are you sick of them wanting to Change America?
They want to ban our guns –
They are Opposed to free speech and aggressive with censorship -6.) They think that they are Above the law.
They are Demanding uniformity of the populace in thought and action –
Dissent is against their policies and will be crushed or silenced
They are Killing their own Babies!
They seem to Resorts to Crime or Violence to use as leverage to force their idea of “Change”
They are Anti-Semitic!
Anti-Israel !
And even Anti-American!
They are ruled by oppressive decree than legislative action
They Implement their own agendas rather than do the will of the people –
They are Blood Thirsty for war like, and hungry for power over others at all costs.
The Ridiculous fact of Men claiming to be not only Women, but better than real Women, taking over and excelling in areas their Male bodies give them the physical advantage, taking over professional positions for being “Trans”, rather than deserving or being worthy of being better in Sports.
They even create their own Hit Lists of their competitors, foes, enemies and carries out attacks to punish them for daring to disagree, vote a certain way, or choosing to live differently than the average DemNazi is told to live.
They Gain their power through Fraud and Deception, Intimidation & Lies and not by any legitimate means.
And they Promote social controls, believes in getting rid of undesirables by killing them, and believes in population control.
They believes in Re-educating the populace history by promoting their agenda and suppressing truth.
They Cheat in every Election, because it’s the only way they know how to win!
And they have people like Pelosi, Schumer, Waters, Schiff, and Biden to execute their Filthy Agenda
The Bottom Line is that they must be Voted OUT.