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As for BiDumb’s State of the Union speech , Biden has proven himself a liar historically. He is a pathological liar. He has a history of 40 years of doing this...So what has changed? Not a single thing! He is still the Idiot, Senile, Deranged Moron that he has always been, only he lies much more than he did in the past, and he walks as if he left his Walker home. Have we forgotten the .40 years of actual Biden's lies?
Don’t believe me? LOOK IT UP!.. Biden lost his Presidential run in 1988 because he lied, he was outed. True. Biden's shtick is all about lies. He is a fraud. Jesus, get over it, he is a con, a manipulator, and he got caught 40 years ago. And you are buying his crap NOW? Shame on you.. This delusional Ding-Bat can’t help himself anymore, his LIES COME NATURALLY... And on top of this he’s killing us with his BAD DECISIONS!

Lyin Biden…is Dishonest to the Core, and the Cherry on Top is that he is Corrupt just like his Idiotic, disgusting, Crackhead Son!
Happy Valentine's Day!