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Biden’s approval rating is in the DOUBLE DIGIT NEGATIVES, as a majority, 52 percent, disapprove, compared to 42 percent who approve. He has been unable to recover the souring Negative ratings throughout his presidency as Americans continue to face a variety of issues, from mass Illegal Immigration to high Gas prices to uncontrollable inflation.. In fact on inflation, specifically, Biden’s approval is even worse, with a net rating of -40 percent. According to the survey, he gets a 68 percent DISAPPROVE of his handling of inflation, compared to 28 percent who approve.
Lets remember that, these are NOT my opinions... these are the FACTS and they are supported with surveys. So any one who disputes the Joe Biden wants to destroy 8% of our GDP, 10 million jobs, add immense expenses to 6,000 products please prove it! All the while today 9/8/22 Average price of gas is 56% more than under Trump and 46% higher than the average price of $2.90 since 2009!
FACTS... NOT fiction. And why? Because Biden is actively working to destroy this entire industry