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Civility -

The sign of civility and maturity is to be able to have a discourse, dialogue without having to insult those you disagree with !

It seems those who are least educated about some subjects and facts resort to insults, violence and the name calling of those they disagree with.

Do not accuse those you disagree with by calling them names and insulting them and then calling them intolerant.

YOU are the intolerant and uncivil. You are not an intellect by resorting to name calling and insults or violence.

I see this far too often and it is getting worse.

If you really are interested for improvement of your country, your town, your community, your friendships you need to learn to disagree but with respect and restraint.

There is tremendous animosity and hatred based strictly on ideology. This is madness. It is insane. !

I remember a time when a person would say I disagree with you but I’ll fight to my death to defend your right to express yourself and to respect your opinion and your right to disagree with my opinion.That is the America and the American that made the difference !

This country needs more to get back to that kind of an attitude.

there is too much name calling, hatred, insulting and demonizing of others you do not agree with ideologically.

The politicians started this division by calling opponents all sorts of names such as racist, homophobe, women hating, islamophobe, anti gay and lesbian, against the poor anti-immigrant and more and more.

Woo the people is a blog that states its own opinions and ideas and thoughts and encourages civil discourse and disagreement.

It’s so apparent that in these times the accusers are the real culprits. They need their safe spaces, they are “victims” and can shout over you, be violent towards you. They take away your most basic rights, that of free speech and expression and then they accuse you of intolerance, fascism and nazism and all sorts of other names.The rules of civility and free speech and expression should apply to all parties regardless of their political persuasion or ideology.