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Dear Friends,

I am the creator, head writer, editor and publisher of Woo The People. My name is Freeman!

I have studied abroad and in the United States and I have my Master’s degree from this country. I have been blessed and fortunate enough to see and travel the world and live in different countries. I am a first generation immigrant and I proudly went through the process legally! Nobody sent me an invitation to come here nor did anyone force me to do so or ask me to come.

I came here with the respect to add to what is already existing here and to grow and give back to this country. I did not come here to change this country to what I left behind, I came here because as a young boy I had heard of “America and The American Dream”. From traveling the world and living in different countries I have learnt to speak seven languages fluently. This also arises from my love and respect of different people and their cultures. My eighth language is Chinese for which I am taking classes.With my experience and knowledge of living in other countries I want to assure you that America, despite any flaws, is by far the best country in the world to be a citizen of and to live in. I find that many people born here are not aware of this fact ! When you have all the freedoms in the world it is easy to take it for granted.

I have always had a passion for learning new things. No matter what the subject I have always yearned to learn. As many wise men before me have said “ The more you know, the more you realize how much you don’t know- the less you know , the more you think you know” . Einstein also said “The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know”. How true! I am a proud naturalized American, but a citizen of the world too. I love all people ! I have read extensively from an early age and always loved literature and writing. Writing is a way for me to keep learning and sharing my thoughts, opinions and life experiences.

We are living in a very turbulent world, fast changing, sometimes for the worst and sometimes shocking. Even keeping up with new technology is sometimes challenging and daunting. By exchanging knowledge and experiences we educate and enable each other. I created Woo The People because of my passion for writing and learning.

I invite you to be a part of this forum and learning experience!
Dr. Tina Bauer-Goldsmith
I wish you all the success in the world! Like you I always wanted to learn everything and anything I possibly can! I want to hear all sides of issues not be brainstorming listen to only what certain people insist I believe! I prefer using my own faculties and intelligence to make my own determinations! My family lived under communism/socialism/DICTATORSHIP and it was brutal for them! Thank you for creating this forum for everyone to have the opportunity to express their thoughts💕
Woo the People
Thank you Dr. Tina, You are such a breath of fresh air. I wish these spoiled people in this country with the most valuable freedoms could only listen to so many people who left the USSR and other such tyrannical systems of government.. They do not know what hey are getting into with the left here. I created this forum for "real free speech" and what was once the "American way". Thank you for sharing your thoughts and comments, we have to do our best to save freedom!
Woo the People
I was mostly posting on Facebook and I still am but created this because Facebook is extremely biased in so called "fact checking" and allowing boosting to reach more people ! They are pro the corrupt democrats and against conservative values. I was born abroad and came here because I knew the difference and hope that we do not lose the reasons all people came here including your family with millions of others !
Dr. Tina Bauer-Goldsmith
Woo the People As we grieve the divisiveness of this country brought about by those who continue to point fingers the wrong way I pray for us all! Our future is in jeopardy! Our lives will never be the same...intimidation, lack of freedoms, listening to those who continue to use skin color and genitalia to divide us, crimes against “We the People” with no recourse‼️
Woo the People
Dr. Tina Bauer-Goldsmith , I pray that this country will survive this latest turn of events. even though this time things seem too far to the left and very different. The democrats are socialists and are starting to use communist and fascist methods by creating division and censorships and violence. The Republican Party is a disgrace not including Trump and a few others who have conviction and values that do not sway in the wind.
God help us. We need to unite because Trump has close to 90 million followers, if not more, but there is no leader other than him to fight back. We need more leadership from others. Almost a spiritual leader to reverse the course.
Kathy Daehn
Amen to that!!