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Finally we have now seen the real Kamala Harris , And nOT the one we have been seeing all along!
As Kamala, calls the Republicans "So-called Leaders" & Cowards Who Do Nothing about Gun Violence, in an ABSURD, RIDICULOUS, an LAUGHABLY FOOLISH SPEECH.

Joe Biden puts her in charge of the Border, so what does she do? She goes to Nashville? She failed at the Border,and didn't even try to do something, but it's good to see her take the leadership on Gun Control , instead of that other raving Idiot Chuck Schumer.

Kamala Had One Job, Just One, and She Couldn’t Even Do It Correctly!.
Tennessee is one of the last Conservative strongholds in America, which explains why the Left is continually attacking them and persecuting them! Sound Familia? .
And they try to make Marjorie Taylor Greene sound foolish, when Kamals Harris’s screaming is like hearing nails on a Chalkboard, when she;s not Cackling. What a nauseating sounding woman.
I guess that Sleepy Old Uncle Joe figured to send his Number Two to show his "Concern"... and to get her The-hell-outta His Hair or Bald Head for a few days.
So, Biden says there are more things to be concerned with than our Border.
Then the idiot Kamala Harris, Biden's failure of a "border czar", blames Republicans for the border crisis.
So, lemme' get this straight: There's no “Crisis” at the border, but it's all the Republicans fault.?
This administration has just earned its spot as the ABSOLUTE WORST in the history of our nation.
Maybe the “Over Ambitious” New York District Attorney can bring charges against the Whole State of Tennessee and throw them in jail instead of Donald Trump.