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Giving our own Nation away to the Illegal Southern Border Invaders, The Country is going to Hell in a Hand-Basket right before our very eyes, and the Democrats along with the Leftist Bias Media is only writing about what Donald Trump is calling DeSantis, or about the Outrageous Lies about Mar A-Lago, and the and misleading claims Joe Biden made in his Creepy Nazi Like Speech, and the Made-Up stories about January 6th, and Climate Control, while, Rome burns!

Did we forget all about the $85 Billion dollars worth of military equipment LOST in Afghanistan upon its disastrous military withdrawal already?
Did we forget about the Biden’s Use of the the Strategic Petroleum Reserve that has now been “Virtually Drained” by the Biden Administration, just to show the country that he’s saving them 15 cents a gallon?
Or the Drug problem in our country leaving thousands of our children dead because of the Illeagle Invaders Biden has welcomed into the country without ANY Vetting what-so-ever?
Or the Criminal Raid, and investigation against our Former President for taking presidential documents to his Florida home and resort, The Very Same thing that former President Barack Obama did