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Life After Death -

A couple of months ago I wrote about the tragic homicide of my father. That was February 8, 1985.

The outpouring of love and affection and prayers were overwhelming.

The love came with your words and was carried through space and consoled me.

In such times you feel the energy of the most decent, caring people and that good people far outnumber the evil.

I want to share another story with you.

We all go through hardships and bad times no matter what status, race color, religion or creed. No matter rich or poor, young or old.

When my father was shot and passed away in my arms in a matter of minutes I was in shock and truly thought the world would stop and all life would cease to exist. I though it was a bad dream, a nightmare.

After weeks of mourning and the whole family sharing the pain with one another I started reading many books about life.

I mostly tried to figure if there would be life after the life here or after death.

I also started questioning why God never reveals himself to the broken hearted and the grief stricken . Why, Why, Why,?

Come God and console me ! You are my creator. ! You created my mother, my father and myself and everyone and everything. SHOW YOURSELF !!

I read a book that if God shows himself mankind could not exist.

He would tell you that there is life after or there is no life after. Both would have devastating affects over here. I will elaborate on this in a future story of why God does not openly and obviously reveal himself and leaves it to be a matter of faith and vague at best.

But I read another story and that was the story of the TWINS IN THE WOMB which I will post separately for space reasons.

Like I said all of us go through the death of our loved ones, some worse than others but we lose them. our loved ones !

This story really helped me to cope with the tragedy of my father’s senseless death at an early age .

I hope this consoles anyone who has a terminally sick loved one or a recently deceased loved one, a father, a mother a wife, a husband or God forbid a child or anyone close or dear to them. Know that they have indeed been born into a better, bigger, more serene world and are in a good place. The death and departure from this life, this world, is the birth into a new life that is much grander, just as the birth of the twins into this world from the only world they knew which was in a mother’s tiny womb. Perhaps it is being born into HEAVEN with all its glory !

Please read and find consolation, even though I know the pain will never totally disappear. Know that time heals.

May God bless you and the ones you love.

Love them dearly when they are here for you never know when they will be gone !!