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Like they say: Fraudulent elections have consequences and one of them is absolutely no accountability for the fraud corruption and incompetence they create or do not do.
Biden’s record somehow has only gotten worse since he became president.
The Arab world knows damn well as does everyone else that this president is Weak, and Senile. And no match for the other President’s or Leaders around the World of “Bad Guys”.
Biden’s intelligence agencies. DoJ/FBI Stasi and their counterparts, commonly referred to as 'Five Eyes, are reoriented/reprioritized inwards in search of mystical Ultra MAGA domestic terrorists and what do you know, they experience one of the single greatest intelligence failures in US history.
Sleeping with one eye open has become a necessity to wary Americans since 2021.
As for “Sonny Boy” Hunter! I expected you Liberals, Progressives Democratic Socialist’s, and other lunatics to defend Hunter Biden but not to the extent that he lost a loved one which made him use drugs, and turn around to have an SEXUAL affair with his own Sister in law, and deny support to his own Child, and don’t tell me otherwise, because it already proven that she was his, not have anything to do with her life or even have her Grandfather even acknowledge her.
Children don’t magically “get over” trauma such as this. Trauma, Toxic Stress, and adverse childhood experiences can, and usually permanently change children’s childhood, which can have serious, lifelong consequences. Didn’t that Weird bunch of Biden’s ever think of that! Of course not, they haven’t had a correct thought in decades.