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Nancy is 82 years only and she can’t, or won’t admit what’s happening to her in her Old Age. . Sometimes it looks as if the voices in her head have suddenly gone silent and she doesn’t know what to do next. Either that or she’s just another shitfaced on the list of Obama’s socialism fantasy who is just as delusional as Biden is (if that’s at all possible) .

She and Schumer and a few others such as Feinstein are the poster children for term limits only they are to delusional to realize it. . They’re perfect examples of why being in Congress for more than 10 years should be put to pasture . Her forehead needs to be branded with a scarlet letter “D” and her tongue ripped out of her mouth to be used to beat her back to sanity.

Giving political power to irretrievably damaged people such as Schumer and Pelosi is like giving a laptop to a giant tree sloth – he won’t use it correctly or wisely.

Any time you hear “Chuck Schumer won a victory today” or “Nancy Pelosi made a comment today” or “President Biden announced today” you can bet that government efficiency suffered a critical setback, truth suffered a devastating attack, and the nation’s credibility suffered a mortal wound.

Nancy’s solution to greenhouse gases is to fly in government-funded private airplanes instead of commercial jetliners. Schumer’s answer to government gridlock is to shoot the Donald Trump and shut down Fox News. Biden’s concept of how to run a country is to use the potusy as a business opportunity and the Oval Office as a luggage compartment.

Chuck Schumer is the black hole of compromise, from which no budget or House-approved legislation can escape. His idea of getting expert advice is to listen to himself talking. He’s a true senex, an old, sour, bitter professional obstructionist. Chuck, I’m not a proctologist, but I know an asshole when I see one.

Nancy is nuttier than squirrel droppings. Instead of becoming a nun and taking a vow of chastity, she misspelled it on her application and became a nut, taking a vow of stupidity. I’d love to explain management, budget, fair taxation, climate change, and government to her, but I don’t have any crayons. She’s gone light years past the Twilight Zone and suspension of belief; she’s riding in an Absolut bottle somewhere along the border between Fantasyland and Oblivion.

And Biden, the barely average meat puppet, the missing sock in Soros’ drawer, the incomplete sentence formed in climatological hysteria, the misplaced modifier in the political discourse. But that’s for another time, another rant.

As for Jeffries, all I know about the guy is that he was once touted as “Brooklyn’s Barack Obama” and is strongly endorsed by the ACLU and NAACP. Your link won’t open for me, but my iMac has a tendency to be snotty with certain URLs.

He also once quoted lyrics from a rapper as a way to make friends and influence people, so his value system is automatically suspect. Looks like just one more race-baiting, woke, ethnic-loyalty politician who’s already a millionaire on a congressman’s salary.