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Never in history has there ever been so much desire by some citizens to destroy a freedom based constitutional republic. A republic with freedom of speech, religion & numerous other freedoms. The freedom to criticize the President, the government officials at all levels & the government in general. The freedom to spit on the flag & to burn it & the freedom to not respect the national anthem in public. Such behavior or will to destroy the country does not exist in the worst totalitarian regimes in the world. Not in China, not in Cuba, not in Russia , not in Iran & not in Venezuela or North Korea. They do not exist in any other country in the world. Not in most of the Middle East, Africa, South America, other parts of Asia and even some of Europe. It is obvious now that excess liberty is poisonous and leads to chaos and erosion of the very liberties that allow that behavior in the first place. Many, before us, have warned us of this. Complaining & acting as victims is a product of democracy. Everyone is complaining and is disgruntled. They act like really spoiled children except they are vicious spoiled manipulative adults most of them with an agenda and most of them extremely ignorant of reality. Multi millionaire athletes complain, actors and actresses complain, major celebrities complain, talk show hosts complain, career politicians who have controlled everything for years complain, mayors & governors complain. Now even The President & Vice president and some generals and tech billionaires complain. Greta Thunberg came from Sweden to America to complain. Ilhan Omar came from Somalia as a refugee to complain how bad it is here. Rashida Tlaib the daughter of Palestinian immigrants complains as a first generation American. Our two term first black President, first generation American complained. Do people just come here to complain? Why do you come would be a logical question, would it not? We already have the multitude of American born complainers like AOC and Pressley & Hillary & Bernie Sanders & Pelosi & BLM & Antifa & a whole bunch of other white & black complainers.Maxine Waters can complain like a million people just herself alone. Barbara Streisand & Jane Fonda always complained. The people who have every right to complain & to burn & destroy, namely the homeless & the broken & destitute war veterans & the really poor & sick drug addicts never complain. CNN & MSNBC & all of the MSM are constantly complaining too, including The Washington Post & The New York times. Twitter is a complaint & grievance airing machine. God almighty, if this place is as bad & as racist & homophobic & xenophobic & as oppressive as these people complaining say so, why do millions of people try to come here?