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Woo the People
Woo the People is of the people, by the people, for the people
Once again it seems that the republicans & their leadership are either indifferent or asleep. What measures are they taking to not allow any cheating, changing of rules or illegal voting to take
place ? They should know that the democrats are doing everything possible to not require voter identification when voting and to eliminate signature verification of absentee ballots. They have even allowed non citizens to vote in some instances ! No prolonged & extended voting periods should be allowed under any excuse. Voting is a sacred & somber responsibility that effects all citizens so make the effort & the time !
They are doing everything within their power to force more absentee voting & mail in voting & discourage in person voting with numerous excuses including the pandemic.
I am for the voting rights of all legal voters that are qualified to vote but against all sorts of duplicate voting, fraudulent voting & illegal voting by any group ! The voting process should be totally honest & transparent & members from both parties should be allowed complete access to the counting, monitoring of vote counting machines & manual counting ! Machines should not be allowed to be connected to the internet or to be manipulated in any way or form to alter votes, increase votes or decrease votes for or against any nominee.
Republican leaders just take this post & safeguard against all the cheating methods mentioned & have enough trustworthy people ready to monitor when the counting starts !!