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Recently when I go shopping for essential items like food, and other items that a person , I suffer from price shock !
Forget the exorbitant High Gas Prices, Rents, Personal Needs,, & other necessities! As well as in Restaurants, and in all Entertainment places.
Food has almost doubled in price since this Moronic President Joe Biden has been in office.
Everything with This president and the Democrats & the governmental offices that they control is a sham & fake including the Consumer Price Index, the Employment numbers, etc.
There seems to be No Truth or Reality, in anything that comes out of this White House because everything has been politicized !
During this Biden administration the leftist media kept a running tally of lies, exaggerated truths, or misleading statements made under Biden, he had either told so many the leftist media can no longer keep count with them, or they just don't care anymore...

Biden’s of favorite lies are about inflation and the economy Many say he is so out of touch with reality that he himself doesn’t even know the truth anymore. In recent months, as the economy has slipped into a soft recession and with inflation at 9.1 percent the Biden whoppers keep coming fast and furious. Biden claimed in a recent speech in Philadelphia as an excuse for high inflation here at home. It is hogwash. HE CLAIMED THAT Inflation HERE is LOWER than in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and many other countries. That is Hogwash!
He’s out of touch alright. Lying is something he’s done his entire horrendous career. And These Blogging Jack-asses believe him. Only an blithering idiot like the author of this Progressive Blog, by Shaw would believe him, and Mock Trump instead.