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So now that you've forced Trump to give the tax returns. great. Well Great! You Liberals did a great Job! You did what you wanted to do for the past 6 years... Well Guess What we're going to do now? We want to see Hunter's. I want to see Joe's, and I want to see the income that they BOTH got from China. And not just the personal taxes, ...We need to see the S Corporation filings as well.
I want to see what was on Hunter Biden Laptop! I want to see what “The Big Guy “got from the Deals in China! And I wait to see if The Big Guy” Paid taxes on all of that ILLEGAL, ILL-GOTTEN, DISHONEST, MONEY! I want to know more about the "BIG GUY'S" 10 percent.. Hunter Biden was raking in millions of dollars because of the influence his Father peddled, I know it and everyone else knows it!
If it wasn’t Dishonest, Then he should have no problem with an IRS audit. Federal, and State!