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Woo the People
Woo the People is of the people, by the people, for the people
The Attitude Of Gratitude -

What an awakening ! It took a microscopic virus to make us realize how wonderful it is to be able to do all the things that we take for granted. This little virus can get you whether you are rich or poor, democrat or republican, American or Chinese, man or woman ! Now, we all realize how fast life can change and take a turn for the worse. It’s great to be able to go out, go to restaurants and the gym. It’s great to gather with friends and go to public places. Its great to go to the supermarket and not have to worry about the lack of toilet paper and cleaning supplies and foods of your choice. Empty market shelves are scary, but we really never knew !! Did we take all this for granted for too long ? YES, We did !!!! Its great to be able to hug a friend or a loved one without worrying to infect them or get infected. Its great to plan a trip either by car or by plane and go wherever you want, whenever you want. Its just great not to have to hoard food and not to have to worry when you might run out of essentials.
It’s great not to have to say, Oh, I can’t meet you ! I am self quarantined !
I am not sure whether this is the wrath of nature or God, that almighty man, with so much power, is really powerless when it comes to the real power that controls all existence. We have been fighting amongst each other for the most banal reasons and totally been ungrateful to the bounty and blessings we take for granted.
5G is no match for COVID-19, nor is money, power or position if nature so wishes.
Time to wake up, count our blessings , be compassionate towards one another, help the more needy and allow spirituality back into our lives. I’ll be the first one to do so ! Hope it’s not too late !