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The IDIOTIC Progressives want us to take in a few Thousand of the One Million SAVAGE, MONSTERS Gaza refugees, that Killed Hundreds or Thousands of INNOCENT Israelis and even beheaded little innocent Babies while their Mothers stood by and looked .
This is the kind of insanity is what Progressive, Liberal, Democrat Socialists are all about. This is what today’s Democrat Socialist of America Party consists of. .The same Stupid, Clueless Morons of the Left want us to take into our country. This is what these IDIOTS form Harvard and Columbia are Protesting about. This is what these IGNORANT anti-American PIGS are marching in Times Square about!
This is brought to us by the same “Democratic Progressive” mentality demanding to defund our police throughout America, releasing Felons and Murderers without bail in Blue Liberal Cities would somehow improve public safety.
This is the why the “Progressive” District Attorneys are imminent threat to all Americans.
Surely George’s Son Alex Soros and the Open Society Foundation have already distributed the funds to get this done. Bribing the right officials to funding the Court Judges that will do it in a secret way without others knowing about it. Blaming our Mayors, and others.
The actions of Jamaal Bowman the U.S. representative for New York is actively working for, to upset the stability and destroy the United States. Its time to call him and the rest of that ANTI-AMERICAN “SQUAD” out defeat them ALL in the next election.
We MUST clean up the mess that the Progressives made with the 7 million people they let in the country thru the OPEN BORDERS and Deport them ALL!. Now is NOT the best time to be asking for another handout from the hard working TAX PAYERS to take in Palestinian Terrorists.
We don’t need more problems to fill the rolls for BLM and ANTIFA so they can turn all American cities into another Gaza. Why do you think not one ARAB NATION will take in these Palestinian SAVAGES? Why do you thing that the people in Martha’s Vineyard REFUSED to take in those 25,000 ILLEAGLE’S? So they were sent to New York, LA, SF, Chicago and Philadelphia.
We don’t need anymore of these Nut-Cases, and Criminals running-about loose in our Cities.

You can Bitch and Whine all you want about how it was during Trump’s years.
As for me, I don’t have any problems seeing advertisements featuring Latinos, Native Americans, Asians, Pacific Islanders, Eastern Indians and giving them some identity and significance as well. Why are some of these ethnicities being ignored? And what the heck was all that NONSENSE about Whites? Supposedly, we live in the melting pot known as America – not Africa, perhaps corporations should do a better job of diversity instead of caving in to Black privilege. And WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO BIDEN’S DIVERSIFY? This White BOY would like to know!

Probably because the Media is the most gullible consumers, so the marketers go after them. If they can be sold “Rap” as real music, they can be sold anything. Same with daytime TV. Who else sits around watching any of that crap?
And now, Guess what, they are doing the exact same thing with the LGBTQ’s and Guess what again? They are shoving that down our throats and the American public has gotten SICK of it and they are rebelling.
While Donald Trump was President, he oversaw a massive enforcement of our nation’s immigration laws. Unfortunately, Joe Biden is so rabidly against Trump that he reversed course when he became president. The result has been an enormous border crisis where tens of thousands are held in cramped conditions.

And Americans have had enough of Biden fumbling the ball. A new Harvard/Harris poll just came out that showed 80% of Americans believe illegal immigration is a serious issue that needs more attention from Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.
So the truth is that we have a semi-Brain-dead President, who is a proven liar and who is thoroughly corrupt, peddling the influence of his office to hostile foreign adversaries for several decades. And who is both ignorant and grossly harmful when it comes to foreign and domestic policies. A man that couldn’t see the difference between a Weather Balloon, and a Spy Balloon, or who didn’t care!!
And a Wacky, Grinning, Prune- Faced, Dense, Cackling, brainless, Idiot waiting in the wings to become the First Female American President.
The truth is that they wouldn’t be the smartest people in the room, even if they were alone.