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The lawless border crisis is not by mistake.
It is a calculated move by Biden & the democrats & the DNC to let in as many million illegal migrants into the country as possible
The man leading this corrupt & fraudulent
effort is Department of Homeland Security Secretary, Mayorkas.
Mayorkas looks you straight in the eye & lies & says the border is secure & under control.
He does so even when testifying under oath in the Congress . He just outright lies !
Videos show the chaos & lack of order.
Millions have illegally been let go unchecked into the country !
This illegal entry is phase one of the conspiracy.
The second phase is to find a reason, an excuse to allow these millions of newly let in migrants to vote in the elections.
The democrat machinery will plot methods for these non citizens to vote unchecked!
They will find ways where unvetted, unchecked , unverifiable mail in ballots will count just like in 2020.
They are experts in playing the system !
This concerted, calculated & sinister effort is the only way they can win the elections this time around !

What is mind boggling is, other than this favoring the ruling class democrat politicians & elites & operatives , how does it benefit other democrats, liberals, independents & conservatives & other citizens ?
It does not !