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Woo the People
Woo the People is of the people, by the people, for the people
The spring & summer of mob rule & violence is here again ! If we are lucky enough, we might even have a "summer of love " with chaos & complete lawlessness here & there. The Covid E22 variant is also here. The E22, or election 22 Covid is here just in time for the elections of 2022. You know the Covid that requires changing voting methods & rules & regulations. The mob rule & violence just needed a reasonable justification to come back. No need for "police brutality" or killing George Floyd unnecessarily. All it needed was a leak from an activist or one of the SCOTUS judges regarding abortion rights & the "protestors" are in the streets again ! The leak is supposedly a draft decision assigning abortion rights to the individual states. It has nothing to do with banning abortions.
It has nothing to do with rising crime, high gas prices, high food prices & shortages or the broken border. It has nothing to do with high inflation & a backlog of shipping & the supply chain crisis. It has nothing to do with a complete failure of foreign policy & chaos around the world with total disrespect from allies and foes.
The protests are not due to an incompetent President with cognitive disabilities & lack of leadership.
The bombing of an anti abortion office with a Molotov cocktail, & the violence & intimidation of judges is due to the terrible horror of perhaps not being able to get a free abortion. Perhaps ! The left wants you to believe that the only way to not have a child is abortion. They do not care about other responsible methods such as abstinence, condoms, pills & numerous other methods to avoid pregnancy. They also do not care that an abortion is not a healthy procedure for a woman. In some cases you can never ever have a bay if you choose.
Now it is " my body, my choice" !
Being forced to take vaccine shots was not " your body, your choice".
Let me be very clear, this is fake moral outrage & invitation to riots & anarchy all over again, for the coming elections & fooling the unaware & naive voters.
This is going to be encouraged by the democrats & the left and the corrupt media solely for the purposes of the voting in November. This & Covid proved to be a winning strategy for the left in 2020.
Personally, I believe that in the end, it is the woman that should make the final decision on abortion with guidance & advice & freedom of choice. I also believe that " My body, my choice" should apply equally to vaccinations & medication of any sort.
Having it both ways is hypocritical & corrupt.
My problem is the rise of this controversy right before every election & the division & chaos the left encourages its activists & mobs to conduct. Always with the fake news MSM right by their side.