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They Suddenly Stop Using the Term “Insurrection” When the Pro-Palestinians Protest at the The now-debunked claim that Israel bombed a Gaza hospital.will be quickly excused and forgotten about, just like every other leftist tantrum by the Democratic Lefties at the U.S. Capitol Yet we have been told for over two and a half years that the right-wing protest at the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, was one of the darkest events in American history.
Why is that? Why is the media so quick to defend pro-Palestinian protesters with every embarrassing double standard:
It seems that only Republicans are capable of an “insurrection.”
When over 300 anti-Israel, Pro-Palestinian demonstrators Marching, and waving Iranian, and Palestinian Flags after Mobbing the Congress building to demand a cease-fire between Israel and Gaza. They chanted, Death to Israel, Death to America as they tore down the American Flag, and blew horns, fought with the police officers, and generally made fools of themselves. But No, the pro-Palestinian Protest on Capitol Hill Was Not an ‘Insurrection’”