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Woo the People
Woo the People is of the people, by the people, for the people
Today, June 2022 I feel relief. The January 6 hearings commenced. The circus is back in town & the charade started. The same clowns in The House of Representatives with much more experience & practice are at their game.
I no longer feel the pain of $7 gas & the highest food prices in American history. I am no longer concerned about uncontrollable inflation & a broken border with millions of illegal aliens being let in & flown to different points of the country in the middle of the night. Empty shelve with no baby formula is of no concern to me any longer. Sky rocketing crime & lawlessness are not important any longer. The invasion of Ukraine, the Afghanistan debacle & tragedy do not matter. The January 6 hearings change my life. I can have one egg rather than two when I have eggs for breakfast but I cannot live with the fear of an insurrection that really never happened. Babies can drink regular milk or something else or be breast fed just longer than usual & criminals can be let free, I do not care. I care for the January 6 hearings by one party without any representation by the other party.
Trump was impeached a second time for " incitement of insurrection" days before leaving office & today he is indirectly being tried for actual "insurrection". Just listen to the witch Liz Cheney, She has learnt a lot from "Witch in Chief" Nancy Pelosi & the other witches in The House & The Senate.
I do not know what damage was caused by the " attack on The Capitol" but it is worse than the American revolution, The Civil War and 911.
Forget the months on end of riots & looting & burning & destruction of property by Antifa & BLM & the deaths ! Forget that, On January 6 no building or property was destroyed & no one except an innocent air force veteran Ashley Babbit, who was unarmed, was shot to death by Capitol police for no reason.
Forget that despite many pleas to have The National guards present or to increase the DC police force by 20,000 that Trump requested but Pelosi denied.
This is another "sham hearing'" by the Police State that the democrats have created to distract from the mess they have created & a stolen election with an incompetent man in The White House.
There is no other agenda than to intimidate Trump supporters & Conservatives & to destroy Trump.
They fear "The Outsider President" !