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Gold is valuable and expensive. So are diamonds and other rare stones and gems
saffron is even more expensive and in my opinion more valuable.
What is even more rare and should be most valuable is logic and common sense !
It truly is rare, almost nowhere to be found these days, a rare commodity.
I'm shocked by its lack of presence in most people.
Logic goes hand in hand with common sense. Both are extremely valuable but rarely to be found
It's just shocking how absent they both are , logic and common sense.
it gets a little scarier when you consider the lack of general knowledge, just not there either !
I won't go into the details of why and who for now but it is shocking !
What you find in great abundance though is stupidity and stupid. I will not mention any names, but boy ,there is a lot, I mean a lot, of stupidity. Nuts and stupid go hand in hand in abundance to make up for logic and common sense which are so rare and absent, but so valuable.
Stupidity here, stupidity there, stupidity almost everywhere.Stupid stupidity ! Just so stupid !