Woo the People is to bring people together, united for the common good.

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Woo the People
Woo the People is of the people, by the people, for the people
While Putin is killing Kazakhs under the pretext that the uprisings in Kazakhstan by the people is by foreign terrorists, America is consumed by Critical Race Theory, woke culture, biological males competing in female athletics, false white supremacy claims, bogus systemic racism and a make believe insurrection! Putin also has his military almost ready to invade Ukraine and quashed a popular uprising in Belarus against a Russian puppet dictator who the people despise. But now, Putin is supposed to be shaking in his boots because the tough & brilliant Biden said that he would expose sanctions on Russia and Putin.The democrats have teachers refusing to teach in person teaching dictated by the teachers' unions & Biden is putting first line essential workers out of work with Vaccine mandates.
This is the state of affairs under this senile failed man & his administration.
China is about to take over Taiwan and has already taken control of half the globe. China is also expanding its nuclear arsenal while we are fighting one another over letting more illegals come into the country and non citizens to vote.
Never in history has a people been so misled & remiss in priorities.
The greatest republic in history is being destroyed from within. It was foretold that "democracy will destroy democracy"! The system is destroying itself because the people in charge have fooled the populace & divided the voters.The Supreme Court is a joke of partisanship & ignorance rather than judicial wisdom.
All the most logical & common sense traditions & norms are being destroyed. The police being torn down, law & order being abandoned, progressive district attorneys not enforcing the laws, crime rising & a completely disastrous open border.Foreigners being flown to different points in the country in the middle of the night clandestinely & illegally.
The government has been weaponized against the people rather than for the people.
Yes, unfortunately, "democracy destroys democracy" when the people forget how valuable freedom and a democratic republic can be.
Ask the Kazakhs, the Belarus people, the people of Hong Kong & Taiwan & Venezuela & all the ex Soviet Union satellite countries. Ask the people of Iran & so many other people who seek refuge by coming here.