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Wicked, crooked, corrupt, charlatan, demagogue, entitled with a superiority complex , careless , power hungry & selfish & a total fraudster ! Shameless !
The above are just some of the qualities that describe Hillary Clinton.
She dragged the country into the biggest political hoax of its history with no regard for the country or its people.
Billions of man hours of time & billions of dollars were wasted on a completely made up false “ Russian collusion” hoax !
Not only did she destroy the lives of many innocent people & almost destroy President Trump, she destroyed the morale of millions of Americans & slandered the Russians.
Putin may be no saint, but she slandered him & the Russians multiple ways & times.
She was the one in collusion with Obama, Biden, the FBI , the DOJ & other intelligence agencies & officials
Everybody involved, including Mueller & Comey were aware of the falsity of the claim.
Almost as disturbing, if not more disturbing was the collusion between the media & the democrats & government agencies involved in the fraud.
The way they pushed this falsity forward & the way they constantly attacked Trump & his followers was demonic. It’s obvious, without any uncertainty, whatsoever, that the MSM is controlled by sinister government agencies & its operatives & that they are all agents of the democrats & their party !
They were all part of a misinformation campaign, propaganda & gaslighting against the truth.
Their goal was to invalidate Trump, his millions of followers & decent patriotic Americans.
If it were not for the Senate being majority Republican, the witch of San Francisco , Nancy Pelosi, Hillary & the other corrupt players would have succeeded in impeaching Trump, the President out of office !
Under Biden the country is no longer a Republic or democratic & is sadly falling down !
The DOJ, the FBI & many other institutions
need to be corrected unless we want to go down the path of a banana republic, socialist dictatorship!
Hillary Clinton & her co conspirators will forever live in infamy !
God protect freedom & the Constitution, which was so wisely written to prevent tyranny of government against its people.
God bless America !