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Woo the People
Woo the People is of the people, by the people, for the people
The new year has come.
The republic still stands, despite the incompetence & failures caused by the worst president in American history. Most of his actions are deliberate & strictly politically motivated. The rest are from pure ignorance & stupidity. The "woke agenda" , the "gender conflict" energy dependence & high gas prices are all intentional.
The weaponization of government agencies which started under Obama, continued even more under Biden. That includes the DOJ, the FBI, the CIA, the NSA , the Pentagon, the State Department, Homeland Security & the IRS, & more. They have become tools of disinformation, intimidation & propaganda for the democrats. Add to that the MSM which has been a democrat tool for decades & the social media tech giants.
The border crisis is deliberate & meant to buy votes from new illegal immigrants. We have thousands of poor homeless people, drug addicts & veterans sleeping on the streets & yet we let in hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants which will add to this catastrophe.
Biden & the democrats could care less as long as they stay in power.
The news media giants & tech companies are the enablers of these corrupt politicians. They either censor the truth, or create misinformation as the truth. They repeat the same lies so frequently that it brainwashes the unaware & the naive & uninformed.
They always accuse the other side of that which they malpractice & lie about.
Just in 2022 Sam Bankman Fried met with White House officials 4 times. This is never covered by the MSM. Hunter Biden's corruption is never covered by the news media.
The Paul Pelosi "incident" was completely abandoned & left to be forgotten. The truth in these cases would be damaging to the democrats & the left leaning media.
The MSM is trying to find something incriminating on President Trump's tax returns. This after almost 6 years of harassment, lies & repeat witch hunts against him.
Now that they set this precedent I would like to see Biden's tax returns, Pelosi & other high ranking democrat politician tax returns.
Despite all of the above, I am optimistic that the country will change course & its people will see to it that we get back on the right track
Change for the best & unity is necessary & it requires all of us to participate & make it happen. That is a worthy new year resolution to uphold.
Happy New Year America !