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Woo the People
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Biden makes first trip to the border !
This is the ” news of the day” .
I don’t understand what this is supposed to mean, do you ?
Like does this clown not know how bad the situation is at the border & how many million illegals have crossed the border ?
Does the visit clarify it for him ? What about that liar, Mayorkas, the head of Homeland security ? Has he not told the clown, his boss, Biden, how bad it is there at the border ?
What a charade, what a joke, what a stunt !
They even “ cleaned up” the place before his visit!
I’m surprised, they didn’t force the locals to stand on both sides of the streets, like they do in visits of dictators in third world countries & clap & cheer & wave at him.
The news media is talking about this visit
As though it is “ real news “ & is going to reveal something new to the imposter Biden !
It’s as though he will have a revelation when he is there because up to now, he had no clue.
No President has been so shallow, so careless, so partisan, so inept & so callous & unqualified as this incompetent man who the swamp & the deep state helped place in office !
Under his presidency nothing is going right for America nor the world !
Insanity rules ! Sanity & common sense have no place under this administration.

Now go check your gender & that of your children & family, because you might not be male or female.
If you find the answer, please let us & all the illegal border crossers know !
That might be one of the reasons they’re coming here, for the enlightened woke to tell them their gender.
Someone tell Kamala Harris that might be the “root cause” for this migration. I think she is still looking for the answer.
Thank you.