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Woo the People
Woo the People is of the people, by the people, for the people
As President Donald Trump had the right to declassify any & all “classified“ documents in his possession
after leaving the White House. As Vice President joe Biden had no right to have possession of classified documents in his garage !
I understand that the classified documents were next to the Corvette, in the garage, but only a demented, foolish clown would think that justifies the case.
Actually a corrupt compromised vice president would take classified documents to his garage after leaving office. !
I’m angry that they did not raid his house & more so that they did not go through Jill Biden’s closet !
They have known this since November.
I have no doubt these documents relate to all the shenanigans & corrupt dealings of Hunter & Joe Biden with Russia, Iran & China & other countries the Bidens were subject to influence peddling & bribery !
There are so many unanswered questions regarding this latest scandal.
Why did the DOJ not act sooner ? Why did Biden’s “personal counsel” inform the authorities about the existence of these documents ? There are endless other questions that need to be addressed.
Biden’s hypocrisy, corruption, and “selling” American interests & destroying the nation for personal & narcissistic & selfish reasons is criminal !
The spin has already begun & don’t expect the democrats to break ranks or not to stay united to protect one of their own corrupt members. The MSM & some government agencies will also act in a partisan manner.
Unfortunately this corrupt member happens to be the President of The United States !
Some good news, however, the classified documents were next to the Corvette which was watching over them!