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There are so many unanswered questions about the disclosure of the classified documents in Biden's garage and other home.
Why was it disclosed ? who disclosed it ? They say the lawyers for Biden disclosed them ! Why & what about the timing. I personally think this is a distraction from some other major corrupt news about the Bidens.
The Biden attorneys could have easily ignored the existence of the materials or could have easily thrown them away ! If they were discovered on November 2 2022 & no one knew till a couple of days ago, what was the need to bring it to light so much later ! If they were found by an FBI raid or some hostile Biden foe , I could understand, but by Biden's lawyers !!!
The corrupt & fake news media are already making false comparisons by making light of the Biden documents versus the Trump documents.
President Trump had the power & the right to declassify all documents, whereas as Vice President Biden did not !
The New York Times & The Washington Post & the fake news MSM make no mention of that.
Biden has been a lifetime politician living off of taxpayers, corrupt to the core, but Trump was a first time politician with no dirty political tricks or know how & he was a very successful & wealthy business tycoon.
The corrupt double standard by the FBI & the DOJ is so obvious & disturbing ! I am extremely skeptical about the special counsel, Robert Hur, selected to run the Biden classified inquiry.

I am sure that someone or something forced the disclosure & existence of the classified documents & the selection of a special counsel by the DOJ.
The " appearance & finding" of these documents & the ensuing DOJ action by electing a special counsel are not out of the goodness of the hearts of the Biden lawyers or the DOJ attorney general, Merrick Garland.
The Corvette is our witness, "do not trust & do verify" !