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Woo the People is of the people, by the people, for the people
Peter Doocy is a young shining star of a White House correspondent & journalist.
When I watch or listen to the press briefings by The White House press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre or other Biden administration officials, or the rare occasions Biden appears, I am appalled at the outright lies & misinformation & spin by these officials.
They never answer the question or refer you to some other government agency.
The previous press secretary,Jen Psaki, was always " circling back " but never really doing so, and this new one is always saying how aware & concerned the president is about every calamity that he has caused but blames others ! For her, he is simply the best president ever & how dare you think otherwise.
the other embarrassment are the other reporters & journalist there, other than Peter Doocy. He really asks real & hard questions & follows up strongly. The others ask the most unimportant & irrelevant questions ever. There could not be a more boring, passive, unaware, unworthy group of "journalists" in the world.
They just ask questions that have no quality, importance or urgency. I don't know why they are journalists or reporters because almost no one could care less about their questions.
Half of them are democrat plants & propagandists asking previously determined questions.
During Trump's presidency there were numerous "attack dogs" as reporters casting accusations rather than questions at Trump !
Now, during Biden's presidency, they are almost all lap dogs of the democrats or democrat activists & plants with an agenda to further their liberal ideology & fake news.