Woo the People is to bring people together, united for the common good.

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About Woo the People
About Woo the People

Woo the People is a forum for people to communicate with one another. It was created to share ideas, exchange thoughts, problems, issues of concern, life experiences and any other topic of interest - including civil and respectful political exchange. 

At WooThePeople.com, you can discuss politics and feel free to express opposing viewpoints without feeling judged or being mistreated or insulted. It is a gift to be able to discuss your experiences, share and help others. We learn from each other through communication and dialogue. Knowledge is power!

It is very rewarding to be caring and altruistic no matter what ideology or what beliefs you may have, thus, Woo the People! In current times, we find ourselves extremely divided. We must WOO one another and find what we all have in common - try to love one another rather than trying to insult or hate each other.

You are not alone. Share, compare, communicate, inform, learn and exchange knowledge and experiences with other people! The greatest natural resource and asset of all countries including the United States is the people.

The mission in creating Woo the People is to bring people together, united for the common good. Woo the People is of the people, by the people, for the people.

This community is about communication and exchanging ideas and thoughts. You can also discuss personal experiences in all walks of life. The topics include but are not limited to: 

  • Politics
  • Philosophy
  • Life Experiences
  • Exchange of Feelings
  • Opinions
  • Educational
  • Information
  • Facts
  • Self-Conduct
  • Respect of Others
  • Poetry
  • Spiritual
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That Mental Midget Kamala Harris still is insisting that border is secure, and that there isn’t any Crisis there. As the illegal migrants grows to over 2 Million. And these Criminals are causing havoc in our cities with their Crime, and Drugs.
Yet the other Delusional Moron in the Oval Office says that with the governors of the Red States are moving the illegals as a political stunt, and that the border is secured? Hmmm? I think that this Nutty President needs to watch another TV channel
Dear Friends, I am the creator, head writer, editor and publisher of Woo The People. My name is Freeman! I have studied abroad and in the United States and I have my Master’s degree from this country. I have been blessed and fortunate enough to see and travel the world and live in different countries. I am a first generation immigrant and I proudly went through the process legally! Nobody sent me an invitation to come here nor did anyone force me to do so or ask me to come. I came here with the respect to add to what... (More)