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Biden's gifts to the Taliban include: ✅ 2,000 Armored Vehicles Including Humvees and MRAP’s ✅ 75,989 Total Vehicles: FMTV, M35, Ford Rangers, Ford F350, Ford Vans, Toyota Pickups, Armored Security Vehicles etc ✅ 45 UH-60 Blachhawk Helicopters ✅ 50 MD530G Scout Attack Choppers ✅ ScanEagle Military Drones ✅ 30 Military Version Cessnas ✅ 4 C-130’s ✅ 29 Brazilian made A-29 Super Tocano Ground Attack Aircraft 208+ Aircraft Total ✅ At least 600,000+ Small arms M16, M249 SAWs, M24 Sniper Systems, 50 Calibers, 1,394 M203 Grenade Launchers, M134 Mini Gun, 20mm Gatling Guns and Ammunition ✅ 61,000 M203 Rounds ✅ 20,040... (More)
“But chaos is more exciting!"