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Anybody experimenting with 528 frequency? Turn off the news and turn on some higher energy. There is a lot of music out there!
I like Forrest.
Life After Death - A couple of months ago I wrote about the tragic homicide of my father. That was February 8, 1985. The outpouring of love and affection and prayers were overwhelming. The love came with your words and was carried through space and consoled me. In such times you feel the energy of the most decent, caring people and that good people far outnumber the evil. I want to share another story with you. We all go through hardships and bad times no matter what status, race color, religion or creed. No matter rich or poor, young or... (More)
Twins In The Womb - wins are talking to each other in the womb. The sister said to the brother, “I believe there is life after birth.” Her brother protested vehemently, “No, no, this is all there is. This is a dark and cozy place, and we have nothing else to do but to cling to the cord that feeds us.” The little girl insisted, “There must be something more than this dark place. There must be something else, a place with light where there is freedom to move.” Still she could not convince her twin brother. After some silence,... (More)